Lance A. Lewin 2014

Visualization: The Art of Seeing

Gilmer Arts and Heritage Association

Featuring work by: Lance Lewin

Introducing Atlanta Fine Art Photographer Lance A. Lewin

'Evoking a sense of space and authenticity, whether you are viewing Lewin’s landscape, or alternatively, abstract compositions'.

The art of “seeing” is based on what Lewin refers to as the process of visualization: it lies in our ability to slow down, step back and retrace steps. Turning to, and elaborating on the old trope, “Stop and smell the roses”, being cognizant of our surroundings by slowing down to experience the sensations that infiltrate our space we normally don’t notice in our hurried pace. Experiencing more of the environment by opening all our senses: to see, hear, smell, and taste a wider sampling, stoop low and see what the insects see, or pull back and glee at the grandeur of a majestic landscape. Though the fundamentals of this process is to inspire engaging compositions from artists’, it can also intensely enhance our involvement in the “now”. Fully experiencing the event in our present space and time is the essence of life. Capturing these moments as a photographic image is only a tool to help us in recall, and as such, should only serve as a supplemental to, and not a replacement for experiencing life in the present.

Lance A. Lewin - 2017

Opening Reception Nov 10 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Exhibition Nov 10 - Dec 14

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