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The Personal Photographic Project – A Weekend Master Class with Tim Barnwell & Mark Maio

Lumiere - The Galleries of Peachtree Hills

Featuring work by: Tim Barnwell, Mark Maio

Join Tim Barnwell and Mark Maio as they share insights and information on how they have overcome the challenges of working on long-term photographic projects and getting this work exhibited and published.

The workshop, limited to twelve participants, will be conducted at the Lumiere Gallery in Atlanta, GA. Lumiere is the gallery that represents both Tim and Mark's work. The location has been chosen to provide easy accessibility and an environment where we can connect to our work and each other without the distractions of everyday life. Reaching beyond the technical issues of photography, our group of advancing photographers will share their images with creative, accomplished photographers in a friendly and encouraging setting.

If you have an area of special interest in your photography that you would like to explore and strengthen, then please join other like-minded individuals for this unique and exciting workshop.

For more information about the workshop and to register, go to: www.markmaio.com and select the “Workshop” tab.

Workshop Nov 03 - Nov 05

Lumiere - The Galleries of Peachtree Hills

425 Peachtree Hills Ave NE,
Building 5 Suite 29B
Atlanta, GA 30305
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(404) 386-5676