Danielle S Ross

The Crinste Family

Clarkston Community Center

Featuring work by: Danielle S Ross

Irreverent, personal, and gender-bending, The Crinste Family is a unique dark fantasy self-portrait series that explores identity, sexuality, aging, and mental illness. Danielle S Ross documents the history of The Crinste Family through photographs, video, and narrative. This debut includes an exhibit of twelve black and white self-portraits depicting eccentric characters from a fictional, yet tangible, world. The self-portraits are printed on 2.5 by 4-foot vinyl banners hanging on stands throughout the room. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the prints by walking amongst them, touching them, and moving them. Danielle will present an artist’s talk with video introducing the audience to The Crinste Family characters and their harrowing story. (MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY). Perfect for Halloween. Danielle began her photographic journey at The Atlanta School of Photography (then The Showcase School of Photography) in 2015 at the age of 55. Special thanks to Andrew Michael Phillips, Jan Fields, and Jon Dean for their support and encouragement.

Artist's Reception Oct 28 07:30pm - 09:30pm

Clarkston Community Center

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