Ansley West Rivers

Seven Rivers

Arnall Golden Gregory

Featuring work by: Ansley West Rivers

Arnall, Golden, Gregory presents Ansley West Rivers' most recent body of work entitled "Seven Rivers." Four years ago, she gave herself an assignment to photograph Seven Rivers across the United States. In her project description, Ansley states "The Colorado, Missouri/Mississippi, Columbia, Rio Grande, Tuolumne, Altamaha, and the Hudson are the seven rivers I chose to photograph, traveling them by raft, canoe, drift boat, foot and car. Each river mile is unique, though I am continuously aware that water, regardless of location, is the life sustaining veins of our earth. Through photography, I am bearing witness to the state of water now, as time is pertinent to understanding the effects of change. We stand at a precipice in the history of water. How we approach the health and use of our rivers now will determine the lifespan of fresh water. The series depicts images that are simultaneously beautiful and haunting in an attempt to challenge the viewer’s perspectives on the landscapes that sustain us."

Artist's Reception Oct 19 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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