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I took a three month journey to Cote d’Ivoire. Upon my arrival, a man named “Ton Ton” welcomed me with a warm smile and humorous spirit. He led me and the other travelers to the Pharmacy, also an orphanage. For the next month the Pharmacy was our home. It was also a place where locals taught dance. Never have I seen people so full of life; using their bodies to express their joy. After the first month, my traveling companions departed and I remained. Ton Ton carried me to a new adventure, where I would meet Mama. She made me feel at home. Her kids showed me around the village. In every home we visited I found a new face happy yet distinct. While the old faces contained wisdom, it was the raw youth that captivated me most. Photographing these children consumed my week. On the weekends, however, my local friends would pick me up and take me even further into the country. We went from concrete to bamboo, and in those moments a better perspective of the traditional West African culture presented itself to me. These photos are my attempt to convey the essence of a culture that was beautiful beyond words. I recognized immediately that I was seeing the world through a new window, and became immersed in a community that did more with less. I will always have love for my Ivorian family.

Artist's Reception Oct 13 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Exhibition Oct 10 - Nov 17

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